Xiao Wen Ju photographed by Michael O’Neal for Vogue

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Joe Iurato is an street and commercial artist based in New Jersey. He places miniature sculptures in public spaces and transforms his environment to small tales.

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Today marks the 7th anniversary of the dedication of Gerhard Richter’s “Cathedral Window” in Cologne, comprised of 11,500 squares of glass in 72 colors.

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Kobayashi Eitaku 

Body of a Courtesan in 9 stages of Decomposition, c. 1870.

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600th post / 250 followers special one! My 3 jazz dream teams part I. Jazz legends


Sorry, for not posting anything for a while. However, this one is very special. First of all, audioslaved is on for three years now, which is a fine reason to celebrate. Moreover, there two more reasons to celebrate! This one is post nr 600 and the blog is being followed by more than 250 users. 


As a form of celebration, I decided to write 3 posts with my 3 jazz bands I wish they existed: one consisting of jazz legends, one consisting of modern jazz musicians and one consisting of Polish jazz musicians.

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